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Female Customized Leotards

A vast range of leotard models come true through patterns, shades, rays and contrasting colours.

From the sketch to the computer graphics our designers have been taking care, step after step, of every single model keeping a particular attention to the fabric colours and shades. Finally the dressmakers have closed the production cycle composing the fabrics accurately.

You can use your fantasy to modify your leotard colours, its cut and the position of the lycra applications.

Rhinestones make each model as a unique piece of art. They are applied thanks to the use of a professional ultrasound machine, they can be either Swarovskys or first choice rhinestones in different colours and sizes, giving an extraordinary brightness and lighting up a different part of it every time you wear it.

MEASUREMENTS: here all the references to take the measurements and what to send to sartoria@pastorellisport.com or to info@pastorellisport.com

Create your own leoatard: each model, each shade, each nuance created by you can be realized thanks to our careful and exceptionally patient way of producing everything we love!