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Our company

Our company

It all began in 1983 when the legendary Umberto PASTORELLI started his business as a distributor with two bags full of rhythmic gymnastics equipment.

Umberto, like all successful men, was helped in the company development by a great advisor, his wife Elena: a very determined woman who was able to support him in all the hardest challenges which a company must overcome in the initial phases of its birth and growth. Pastorelli accomplishments included creating the company's economic and financial stability, developing products, marketing and a distribution network with loyal customers, a stable workforce and a peerless reputation.

His great passion, combined with the help of his family led in a short time to the company's growth and to its evolution from a purely trade company to production of its own equipment. And today it is able to create new products to offer its customers.

The dedication to work and the pursuit of improving the quality of the items have marked the time in the Company and has been the true inspiring philosophy.

From Baku to today, many successes of the Italian National Team, but also abroad (at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 11 teams out of 12 finalists) were signed with PASTORELLI apparatus.

At the World Championships in Moscow 2010, PASTRELLI received over 15 approval certificates from the International Gymnastics Federation, the highest international gymnastics organisation thus becoming a FIG Official Partner.

At the London 2012 Olympics, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, many national teams and many individual gymnasts participated with PASTORELLI equipment.

After 37 years of activity, the company is technical sponsor of the FIG (Italian Gymnastics Federation), and AGU Official RG partner (Asiatic Gymnastic Union, 38 Asian nations).

PASTORELLI is the sole company in the world for the production of equipment for rhythmic gymnastics which includes the FIG logo on both small and large equipment such as balls, hoops, clubs, ribbons, ropes and also the carpet for international, world and olympic competitions.

Today 's company has more than 3,500 items entirely designed and developed within the company at its 3,000 square metre production and storage facility.

Editorial by:
Dott. Giuseppe Pastorelli