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Selling Conditions


Orders and estimate requests can be placed through:

The BASKET MODE available on our web site: skipping through the products categories you can reach the file of the product you are interested in. It provides you with a description, the price, the photo, the availability and a blue button called "add to your estimate" which allows you to add the item to the list of items you would like to buy. The cart can be modified changing the quantity and/or deleting an article. When you are satisfied with your choices you can ask for an estimate clicking on "ask for an estimate" and filling in the form with your personal data (IMPORTANT: please write down a phone number or an address at which you can be reached).

Our E-MAIL: info@pastorellisport.com specifying code, description of the products and giving a valid shipping address and phone number at which you can be reached.

You will then receive the estimate which includes the transport cost and all the datas to pay. 

The estimate is valid for 15 days from issuing date.

 The minimum order is 30,00 euro


Shipping cost is based on volumetric calculation.  We can send your parcel both to Italy or where you live.  (please be aware we do not send parcels to hotels)


Through TNT TRACO: customer will be sent an estimate which includes the shipping cost which is calculated according to the volume of the parcel and the customer's country.

 You will shortly receive an estimate which contains shipping cost to your country and all the details for the payment. The parcel will be shipped only after payment.


According to the kind of shipment chosen, the payment can be made through:

CASH ON DELIVERY: Only for shipments within Italy through TNT TRACO.

ADVANCED BANK TRANSFER: for shipment both to Italy and abroad through TNT TRACO.

ADVANCED PAY PAL: for shipment both to Italy and abroad through TNT TRACO.



The Client has the right to withdraw from the Contract without having to pay a fee or giving explanations within ten working days from the delivery of the Products. The withdrawal right has to be exercised within the foretold term through the sending of a registered letter with receipt to be returned to sender communication to the geographic supplier address. The above-mentioned communication can also be sent, within the same term, through telegram, telex and facsimile, provided that it is confirmed through a registered letter with receipt of acknowledgement within the following 48 hours. Whereas the Products should have been already delivered to the Client, the Client himself must send them back at his own expenses. The Products must be received back in the same conditions as it had been sent to the Client. If the withdrawal right is exercised by the Client following the rules stated in the foretold general selling conditions, Pastorelli Company will take care to reimburse the amounts already paid by the Clients for the purchase.

The Clients cannot exercise the above-mentioned withdrawal right for tailor-made or customized Products or for those which, because of their nature, cannot be sent back or can be easily damaged or alterated.

Pastorelli Company does not guarantee the correspondance between the real item colour and the colour shown on your computer screen.


The company does not guarantee the correspondence between the actual colour of the item and the colour displayed on the screen.


The recommended sizes in the various models refer to the normotype growth chart and are indicative.

The  size suggestion by the Company  does not implicate any responsibility by the company for wrong measures.  The change for unused material is possible according to the norms of the recession right listed above.



The prices given on Internet include VAT but do not include the shipment.


Any defect of the object must be reported within eight days of purchase (by registered letter).

The validity of the guarantee is subject to the fact that the articles have been used correctly and the rules of use and maintenance have been observed.

Defects caused by: incorrect handling, use of force, excessive load, dirt or moisture are not covered by the warranty.

Failure to use in non-approved FIG carpet will impair the warranty from the first day.

Being consumable materials, the normal aesthetic and physical wear and tear due to use does not imply the guarantee.