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The sanitizing gel for hands SepticGel, is a gel designed to thoroughly sanitize the skin of the hands, without rinsing. It has agents with high a ntiseptic action; acts quickly by leaving your hands soft. It has a slight alcoholic scent. It is practical in any situation, outside the home when you do not have soap and water or to remove unpleasant odors from your hands.

Application: Apply an adequate amount of product directly to your hands and rub until completely dry

*Alcohol denat. Aqua (Water) Hydroxyethyl Ethylcellulose Phenoxyethanol Ethylexylglycerin

Storage: Store the preparation at room temperature. Keep the container tightly closed

Expiry: 24 months. After the first opening, the product is usable until 6 month

Technical information: For production, ethyl alcohol "D" is used, with a 96° grade in quantity ≥60%.

The above information is listed with the utmost accuracy and represents the best information currently available. PASTORELLI srl doesn’t take responsibility for misuse. Under no circumstances will PASTORELLI srlbe liable for all claims,losses,or direct or indirect damages, or to third parties,or for lost profits, or special, indirect or fortuitous damages

Warning and preucation: External use – Do not ingest - In case of eye contact rinse abundantly.

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