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Code Variante: 04875

100% Made in Italy

Filter masks in triple layer of non-woven fabric gr 30, 100% polypropylene.

The masks are intended for exclusive individual use without the CE mark, produced in derogation of the current marketing standards pursuant to Article 16, 2nd paragraph of Legislative Decree March 17, 2020, n. 18.Excellent fit and breathability with high filtration, good tensile strength both longitudinal and transversal, Water repellent, very low permeability only to the water column, ultralight, hypoallergenic, very low flammability (burns in contact with the flame and tends to go out), Low electrostaticity - Good resistance to viral penetration - Good air porosity - Excellent resistance to the penetration of saline water and alcohol.Intended use

  Filter mask to protect from external agents, cancel the release of dust and fibers.

Disposable device

Yes, disposable.

Sterile device

No, non sterile device.

Number of layers

Consisting of n. 3 (three) layers of fabric.

Fabric composition and chemical composition
Composed of three layers of non-woven 30 g non-woven fabric, 100% polypropylene, free of glass fibers.Presence of device latex
No, latex is completely absent.

Operation / use scheme

Open the package and wear the mask, which thanks to its bellows shape will adapt to the face. Fasten it either by fastening the side laces behind the head or by placing the comfortable ear loops behind the ears according to the type of mask being used.

It is not necessary, being disposable.

Storage and handling of the device
  Store at room temperature, without exposing to moisture or direct heat.

Presence of device latex

No, latex is completely absent.

Precaution of use

Do not use in case of evident defects such as damaged, laundry or unstitched TNT.

Contraindications and iterations

There are no particular contraindications or iterations in the use of this device.


200mm x 110mm.

Mode of transport and disposal

There are no particular observances to be followed during transport; disposal must be carried out in solid waste containers if the mask is not contaminated with substances. In case of contamination, the mask must be disposed of in the appropriate biological or chemical waste containers. 

Packaged in 10-piece dispensers showing the manufacturing batch.

Color: G. white, but it can also come in other colors, however respecting the same chemical product specifications required by current production standards.

Price: € 12.00